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    Ian Lyell Design

    Ian Lyell Design specialises in the design and fabrication of bespoke containerised vessels and objects. We define pots not only for living plants but also for each living moment of living life.


    Dare to Be Different

    Millinery Indoor Pot Collection


    The Organic Pots Collection is inspired by the simplicity of form. The clay is formed through human hands by people akin with being one with nature.


    Boho Plant Hanger

    Limited Edition Gold Leaf & Silver Leaf Terracotta Hanging Planters By Ian Lyell

    Live Life, Stay Safe

    Live Life, Stay Safe

    Ian Lyell Design understands the impact of "Covid19" and how it is important that everyone feels safe. 

    To ensure our customers safety we have initiated our Covidsafe Plan. Our stock can be seen and purchased online or we welcome you to inquire.

    Our email address

    We also offer pre-arranged appointments times under Covidsafe guidelines for those who prefer to visit and select stock. 

    We look forward to continuing to provide Designer product and specialised service during these unprecedented times.

    Stay Safe and Live Life!

    Ian Lyell Design, plant pots, pottery

    The reality of our Designs have a defined purpose. It must compliment both the environment in which it is placed and the living organism that in most cases shall make its home in one of our vessels. Its must be enjoyed and be aesthetic and most of all as a whole must enhance the way we live - “Pots For Living Life”.

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    Pre-Arranged Appointment

    Melbourne Victoria, Australia